Void Raiders Gameplay04:41

Published on July 16, 2015

Void Raiders Gameplay – Let’s check out Void Raiders Alpha Build. This is a promising upcoming rogue-like with neat pixelated art and gameplay.

Download Void Raiders Alpha Build ► http://bit.do/void-raiders
More First Impressions Videos ► http://bit.do/first-impressions

About the video: Void Raiders is sci-fi top down shoot or slash action game, with some slight rpg elements. Expand your group of Raiders, upgrade and level them up to take on bigger challenges, compete with other raiding groups and become the most feared pirate squad on Neptune.

Void Raiders is about shooting your enemies in top-down randomly generated environment and looting anything that will make your character stronger. The game features fast action with endless tides of enemies, forcing the player to stay on their toes and move at all time. Missions consists of multiple levels, each with its own objective and are finished by defeating the boss. The player’s goal is to level up his or her favourite character, upgrading their gear, spending talent points in order to gain additional powers and abilities, unlock new playable characters and repeating the whole process again.

There is ranked mode planned for full version where players will compete for highest rank in a limited time frame, rewarding the best ones once time period is over.

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