Vermintide End Times – Free DLC Sigmar’s Blessing – What’s New?04:10

Published on December 3, 2015

Vermintide End Times – Free DLC Sigmar’s Blessing – What’s New?

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Feature Changes

– Added Shrine of Solace to Red Moon Inn (Unlocks at level 5)

– Added Page 1 of 3 to Shrine of Solace: PRAY – Spend Tokens to acquire loot(More coming soon!)

– Added New Weapon Tier: Veteran – Each Veteran weapon is unique and can only be obtained once. Their traits can only roll perfectly.

– Added 40 Veteran Weapons

– Forge 2.0
Alongside the new shrine, our beloved Forge is also receiving a number of changes in 1.1:
‣ Tokens can now be spent in place of items whilst Fusing an item
‣ Exotic weapons can now be salvaged
‣ Trinkets can now be salvaged
‣ Hats can now be salvaged

– Reworked Tokens
Tokens have been significantly reworked in 1.1 and will now be far more valuable than before.
‣ Increased amount of tokens received for salvaging items
‣ Increased trait upgrade costs
‣ Tokens are now rewarded upon mission defeat if the party progressed sufficiently
‣ Tokens can now be used to Pray for items in the Shrine of Sigmar and replace items whilst Fusing in the Forge

– Normal attacks and pushes now count towards assisting an ally
– Added Lobby Browser to ESC menu
– Added Hero Trinkets: Equippable on any Hero, wearing one will increase your chances of receiving loot for a specific Hero
– Removed increased chance for receiving loot for the Hero you are currently playing
– Improved overall chance to receive high-tier loot
– New Trait: Backstabbery
– New Trait: Off Balance
– New Trait: Diversion
– New Trait: Safety in Numbers
– New Trait: Inspirational Shot

– Moved several secrets on Horn of Magnus (Good luck!)
– Made the top floor of Mother Black at the end of Engines of War harder to defend
– Reworked barrel spawning on Black Powder
– Fixed some cases where players could get a head start on The White Rat by bypassing the barricade in the beginning.
– Fixed several exploits
– Fixed a number of visual issues on all levels

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