Tick Tock Bang Bang – Is it SuperHot 2.0? – Gameplay PC – Let’s Play17:22

Published on June 9, 2016

In Tick Tock Bang Bang time moves fast when you move and the alien invasion is out to get you!

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About Tick Tock Bang Bang gameplay pc:
A 30-ton garbage truck screams towards you, plowing through a sea of pedestrians. A swarm of flying drones joins the truck, pinning you down with laser fire. Now’s your chance: you stop, and time slows to a trickle. You grab your gun. You aim. You fire. You weave through the lasers, and time returns to normal. Your bullets speed up and cut your enemies to shreds. As the garbage truck slams into the wall behind you, you turn to the camera for your one-liner: “Time to take out the trash.” You’re going to look great on the big screen.

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