Rebel Galaxy – Ep 3 – Risk Level: Very High – Let’s Play21:54

Published on November 6, 2015

Rebel Galaxy – Ep 3 – Nameless wants us to retrieve fragments from a derelict wreck but the risk level is very high to us. Let’s do it anyway!

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Rebel Galaxy is a swashbuckling space adventure, with action-packed combat, exploration, discovery, trade, and “negotiation” with the outlandish denizens at the edge of the known universe. Let’s Play Rebel Galaxy.

About Rebel Galaxy gameplay PC: As the commander of an immensely powerful star destroyer, you’ll battle pirates, explore anomalies, befriend aliens, scavenge battle wreckage, mine asteroids, and discover artifacts. Choose your path as a roguish do-gooder, crafty space-trader or power-hungry privateer – or maybe a little of each! Buy larger and more powerful craft with your hard-earned credits, and outfit them with a variety of wicked weapons and defenses. Set in a galaxy of fantastic sights, and secrets to be found, Rebel Galaxy is above all a space epic of adventure, exploration, and combat.

The edge of the universe is a pretty dangerous place, so watch your back.

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