Overfall Gameplay – Stories & Strategy – Overfall First Look on Steam PC – Let’s Play Part 139:09

Published on February 17, 2016

Overfall Gameplay – Stories & Strategy – Overfall First Look on Steam PC. Overfall merges RPG, Turn-based strategy and Community Storytelling in a unique way!

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About Overfall gameplay PC:
Overfall is a fantasy role-playing game of rough diplomacy and tough action. Explore, negotiate, and fight your way across the high seas!

You will lead two heroes on a journey across the high seas in search of their lost king. You will encounter people of all breeds and all creeds; ally with them or crush them without mercy. You will face many dangers; survive them and you may unlock new characters, weapons and skills. In a world where death is permanent, you must return to the beginning and make a fresh start. The heroes you choose, the weapons you unlock and a world that is randomized mean that no two adventures will ever be the same.

Key Features
A huge, dynamic world to explore, ruled by a number of races in constant conflict – it’s up to you to help or betray them
Challenging and addictive turn-based combat – careful strategy and cunning skill combinations are the key to victory against your foes!
Permanent hero death, procedural world generation, and high replay inspired by classic roguelikes
Interactive story encounters where the choices you make and the allies you recruit ensure no two journeys are quite the same
Unlock new classes, weapons, trinkets and skills as you progress in the game
Beautiful hand-drawn art of of 9 player characters, 36 combat companions, 80+ enemies, 80+ NPCs, and 100+ locations

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