Orion Trail Gameplay11:19

Published on August 19, 2015

Orion Trail is an Early Access Game on Steam that has similar mechanics to FTL and other roguelikes. Orion Trail is sort of a Star Trek Simulator 😉

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About this video: In a sense, Orion Trail is Oregon Trail meets Star Trek.

You play as a starship Captain, and you must make the tough decisions that one faces along the Orion Trail.

Your goal is to, well, survive. You’ll encounter a variety of strange, stupid and terrifying things on your journey, and it’s up to you to ensure that your ship and crew make it to the end.

You start the game by selecting your Captain, Officers and Ship. Each of these provide a bonus to your ability to respond to events in one of five ways: Offense, Tactics, Diplomacy, Science and Bravado.

The key survival is balancing your resources. Each encounter will increase or decrease them, depending on the outcome of the action you took. So, while you may be really good at Offense, you might need to use Diplomacy to get some tasty food.

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