Monstro Battle Tactics Gameplay – Retro Puzzle Strategy – First Look16:41

Published on December 13, 2015

Monstro Battle Tactics Gameplay. A fully deterministic logic game which plays like a tactical RPG but without RP, character growth or randomness. Fight the opposing army on the battlefield, which just so happens to be made up of conveniently perfect squares.

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About Monstro Battle Tactics gameplay: It is like chess but the units have statistics and your opponent is noticeably dumber than the average grandmaster.

Key features:

– A puzzle game with completely deterministic and repeatable set of rules which still feels like playing a tRPG.
– And even though it plays like a tRPG there are no RPG elements, so it feels more like a t.
– A tongue-in-cheek plot, much better than the previous bullet point!
– No need to tediously repeat the same sequence of moves over and over if you lose, because undo is here! Undo a single move, undo all moves back to the beginning of the mission, undo if you fail the mission and even undo if you are victorious!
– Learn the rules of the enemy AI and use them for your victory. Or read them up because everything is in the in-game help!
– Real-time lighting which adds new depth to the crisp pixel art.
– Traps, pimped-up units, moving walls and breakable walls, ranged attacks and quick feedback on predicted enemy movement.
– Achievements (currently being worked on) that give second life to missions you’ve already completed.
– Trading Cards (currently being worked on).
– Skygods, hand-drawn islands, ancient terror beasts, Goos with :3 faces and the background pushed around by an artificial wind.

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