Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – Inner Thoughts of an Emperor – Book Review – Stoicism37:46

Published on July 7, 2016

What occupied the mind of the world’s most powerful Emperor at his time in ancient Rome? The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius provides the answer.

First part of the video: An introduction and a history of the reign of Marcus Aurelius and his adopted brother Verus.

Second part of this video: An introduction to the basics of Stoicism as taught by Epictetus in his discourses and other written works. And how it influenced Marcus Aurelius and Seneca.

Third part of this video: We read some of the passages from Meditations and try to figure out the meaning and significance. The best translation of the ancient greek text to read is that by Gregory Hays.

In this video we also cover the book “Marcus Aurelius A Biography” by Anthony R. Birley. And discuss Seneca, Epictetus, Epicurus, Socrates and stoicism where applicable.

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