iZBOT Gameplay PC11:12

Published on August 30, 2015

iZbot Gameplay PC. iiZBOT is fast paced platformer with short levels that will keep you playing just one more level. Games like Super Meat Boy.

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About this game: IzBot reminds me of Super Meat Boy.

Robots have finally overcome the tyranny of human enslavement. A peaceful robot existence is now at threat from a mysterious organic invasion that has been spotted within the city. It’s up to our hero, iZBOT to rid the lands of the dirty, farty, unpredictable organic infestation.

Our plucky little robot manages to blend the rage induced controller throwing with the perfect amount of level beating satisfaction. You’ll need to employ advanced death avoidance techniques to master the game and defeat the evil (and somewhat annoying) Bedlor.

iZBOT features:

No ice or underwater levels.
Fast paced precision platforming.
No bosses have a doctorate.
Small bite sized levels to keep that carrot nice and close.
Fusing old school looks with new school controls.
Chiptune tracks featuring the awesome RoccoW.

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