Hyperspace Pinball Gameplay05:02

Published on September 21, 2015

Hyperspace Pinball Gameplay. Hyperspace Pinball is an arcade pinball shooter. Make big skill shots through over twenty challenging levels. Hyperspace Pinball Gameplay PC on Steam.

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About Hyperspace Pinball gameplay: Score big points by collecting power ups, running loops, defeating mini-bosses and conquering mini-challenges. Other challenges include one-on-one duels with the game’s most devious bosses, and an endurance run that tests how far you can go with just one pinball. Compete with other players on the campaign leaderboards, and earn over a dozen achievements!


Over 20 challenging levels
Leaderboard Rankings
Collectable trading cards (Steam version)


Hyperspace Pinball is Gamieon’s second mobile game and first commercially released PC game. It was developed by Christopher Haag using the Unity3D engine after a little more than six months in a part-time capacity while he held his day job. It received positive ratings after its initial release on the App Store in August of 2011 for 99 cents, but only few downloads. A free, lightweight version with ads was released to the App Store in November which received thousands of downloads. The Android version with ads was also released for free that following March. After protests from players regarding the ads interfering with the game, the lite version was taken down from the App Store, and ads were removed from the Android version. Both mobile versions ultimately changed to a donation model. A PC version was released on the Desura platform in October of 2012 for under $10. After receiving very few downloads, it was made free for a week. The free version garnered much attention in the gaming press; even receiving mention from Kotaku! Once the promotion ended, there was not an increase in purchases. The Desura version also suffered from a low rating due to physics bugs and other issues with game play and overall look and feel. In February of 2015, two-and-a-half years after its submission and with almost no marketing effort, Hyperspace Pinball for the PC was Greenlit by the Steam community. In the months that followed, Gamieon worked furiously to fix all known issues with Hyperspace Pinball, give it a major facelift, and do a complete marketing makeover of the entire company; all the while still on a part-time basis. The new pinball table model was created by Meta3D studios; and near the end of development, NovyPR assisted with a marketing analysis. As of August 2015, Hyperspace Pinball has accumulated over 100,000 downloads on Google Play and almost 20,000 downloads on the App Store. Hyperspace Pinball for Steam will be released onto Steam for $9.99 with a 15% off discount on September 30, 2015.

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