Heroes of the Storm – Muradin Build21:25

Published on April 22, 2015

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA developed by Blizzard, it is currently in beta. You can play it now if you buy access to the beta or you can play it for free when it releases.

About this video: I show you my Muradin build. Muradin is an awesome tank and he’s my favorite dwarf after Tyrioun Lanister of course 😉 Join me for a game of Heroes of the Storm. A great new MOBA from Blizzard that is currently in closed beta before a release date is revealed. HOTS has more gameplay mechanics that are designed to make the game more casual and easy to get into. Maps have objectives that are important and heores share XP across the entire team. There are no items to buy but you can level up your hero picking abilities and an ultimate.

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