GTA 5 Online: BEGINNER’S GUIDE! How to get started07:10

Published on April 22, 2015

How to get started in GTA 5 Online. With this starter guide you will get rolling in no time! Also read the tips in the description.

About this video:
1. GTA Online starter tips. You can play in passive mode to avoid getting killed while you get the lay of the land in GTA V online.
2. When you arrive in Los Santos you will be tasked with stealing a car and taking it to the mod shop. Steal a good car, as you get free insurance and a tracker this time only.
3. Buy a better gun so you have a fighting chance in PvP and combat missions.
4. Every 45 minutes of real time you can steal a standard car and sell it to a mod shop.
5. Buy kevlar it will be automatically equipped and fill up your blue bar with more health.
6. Doing missions is the fastest way to make money in GTA V Online. You can queue for a quick mission or select a mission that you have been invited to or a story mission in your “jobs list”. Everything can be accessed through your phone.
7. If you carry around more than 5.000 dollars you can be robbed by other players. You don’t have to visit an ATM to deposit the cash. You can access your bank account via your phone and deposit.
8. Get a garage and it will be your new spawn point. You automatically get a mechanic that can bring you your personal vehicles. If you steal a standard car and drive it into your garage, it’ll be fitted with a free tracker and insurance. If you buy a premium car on the internet it’ll be delivered to your garage with a tracker and insurance.
9. You can’t steal premium cars and make them your personal vehicles you have to purchase them on the internet via your phone.

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