GTA 5 Editor: How to use the Rockstar Editor and make GTA videos08:09

Published on April 25, 2015

GTA 5 has a powerful video recording and editing tool. Here we take a look at how to get started with the Rockstar Movie Editor.

About this video: Using the Grand Theft Auto V Editor is fun and easy. You can make your own GTA 5 videos and edit them witin the game. I’ll show you how to apply filters to your videos and change the camera angles. In the GTA 5 Director Mode you can instantly change a lot of settings like the location, weather, time of day and select actors for your movie. You can record footage at any time by pressing ALT+F1, including during missions and in multiplayer. A minute and a half of footage uses about 100mb of hard drive space. The game doesn’t record a flat video; instead, it creates a 3D snapshot of the action you can edit later. The Rockstar is located in the menu when you press “ESC” and scroll to the right.

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