Elite Dangerous Rank Progression and Reputation Guide – How to rank up with a major faction05:49

Published on December 29, 2015

How to rank up in federation or empire. Elite Dangerous rank guide and an explanation on how reputation is different from rank. Combat missions are best for ranking up.

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Below is a copy/paste of a post on the Elite forums from aug, 2015 (Link to full thread: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=178603)

Tips on how to increase rank post 1.3 [Direct from FD Support]

So, everyone and anyone who has tried to progress their Empire/Federation/Alliance Rank post 1.3 has run into a slow spot, delay, or outright brickwall with BB offers for rank progression, including me and to the point that there must be a bug or something wrong with your particularly account. Recently, in anticipation of the ships being released in 1.4 and 1.5 I decided I wanted to increase my respective Empire/Federation ranking from my current status, Baron and Post Commander. Starting August 1st, I went to the Nauani system area where both Empire and Federation share a presence in the surrounding systems and started grinding BB missions, big, small, combat, trading, messaging, and smuggling; minor, major, even independent to minor/major, one after the other for days, weeks, the whole month, and everything and anything they threw at me so long as there was a major/minor faction named in the mission. Finally, after receiving no rank progression mission, and after reading all of the posts from various Commanders who shared their formulas for progression and still nothing I submitted a ticket. What I learned and share below direct from support is that BB missions, reputation and influence does not necessarily pave the pathway to rank progression.

Summarily, what I take away from the below excerpted portion of the response I received is that combat is the key; combat by bounty hunting, possibly combat by combat zones, combat by assassination missions, and combat focused or oriented missions offered through BB on behalf of major/minor factions. Ultimately, it would appear that many of us have interpreted rank gain only by part, and not by the whole. Yes, missions donating money help, as well as transporting goods, but slowly. To truly earn a Naval rank progression efficiently, which it is technically a naval or military rank progression so it all makes sense, the Empire/Federation/Alliance want to know that you are not allergic to putting a hurting on their enemies or going to tuck into a fetal position with your tail between your legs when the opposing Commanders’ Hardpoints are deployed. So go out there find those attack missions, attack some pirates and turn in some bounties, join the CZ against the indepedent faction warring against the Empire or Federation and redeem your combat bonds, and gain some true points towards your next rank progression – or at least that is what I was told by FD. I hope that this helps you all, as it has helped me and I am happy to share: See excerpt below:

29/08/2015 3:14 pm
Hi Daniel,

I’d like to explain how the rank mechanic works. You are promoted when you complete rank ascension missions. These are unlocked by gaining a stat called faction skill.

This stat is similar to reputation but differs in a few key points. Like reputation, it is increased by doing work for or generally aiding the minor factions aligned with the major faction. However, skill affected more by combat related deeds.

Unlike reputation, faction skill will never decrease, even if you work against a faction.

You currently hold the 10th rank in the federal navy (Post Commander), your federation skill is at 51.2578. The next ascension mission is unlocked at a skill level of 52.5 so you are pretty close.

Your Imperial rank is the 7th, which should be Baron. Your skill, as far as the Empire knows, is 21.3676, the next promotion is available at 23.5. Also almost there.

The fastest way to gain rank would be to complete combat missions or turn in bounty vouchers at stations controlled by the federation. While non-combat Missions will increase your faction skill to a degree as well, the navies look for combat pilots, so the effect of missions not involving combat is very limited.

I hope this tip will speed your ranking up a bit, please let us know if you’d had any more questions, we are happy to help.

Best Regards,

Elite: Dangerous Customer Support

Fly safe Commanders!

EDIT 9/1/15:
In the last two days I primarily concentrated on bounties, bonds, and BB missions associated with both. I wanted to update everyone that I bridged that gap to my next naval progression and just received the naval progression mission that I completed to be promoted to Post Captain, literally this second as I type.

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