Elite Dangerous PowerPlay Tutorial – Getting Started With PowerPlay & Earning Merits18:21

Published on December 17, 2015

How do you pledge to a galactic power, what rewards can you get in powerplay and how can you increase your rating by earning merits. Let’s look at the basics of Powerplay!

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Powerplay is an ongoing battle for interstellar conquest and control that touches and enhances every aspect of the Elite Dangerous experience. Ally yourself with a galactic Power, guide their strategy, earn valuable perks and bonuses, and dominate human-occupied space together. Every player’s choices and actions can impact the balance of galactic power.

Players can choose to pledge allegiance to one of several galactic Powers. Powers control multiple star systems and offer players valuable perks for their support. Every player influences their chosen Power’s weekly tactical decisions with a degree of influence based on their standing within that power.

Each week Powers offer their supporters a choice of actions. Which star system should we conquer? With whom should we negotiate? Which side do we take in an impending war? Players vote, a goal is selected and missions are generated in support of that goal.

By completing missions, players drive their Power’s expansion. Players can further support their chosen Power with freeform activities and emergent play.

Success will bring players additional rewards and see the Power expand its galactic control; failure may see your chosen faction weakened or finished outright.

Players may defect and side with another Power, but should balance the benefits of joining a new power with the consequences for their treachery.

By completing objectives, players will earn credits and boost their standing with their chosen Power. Higher ranked players are afforded more votes, greater control and more devastating consequences for betrayal.

Powerplay offers great rewards for those who participate. Choose a side and you receive perks and per-system bonuses, and your regular in-game activity will contribute to your Power’s dominance whether or not you choose to take on weekly missions, though your standing with your Power may never rise.

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