Elite Dangerous HOW TO CARGO SCOOP02:30

Published on April 22, 2015

How to use the Cargo Scoop in Elite Dangerous. I’ll also talk briefly about why it’s not always a good idea to pick up random cargo canisters that you come across.

About this video: Your ship will come equipped with a cargo scoop so it’s never necessary to buy a cargo scoop. To begin scooping a cargo canister in Elite Dangerous press the “home” key. When you lower your cargo scoop a small aiming monitor will show near your radar. You need to keep your ship aligned with the cargo canister. If you go too fast the aiming monitor will turn red. If you go too fast you will destroy the cargo canistor. Be aware that all cargo and goods that you pick up in space that is not yours meaning that you did not buy it yourself at a commodities market is illegal goods. You cannot sell them at a regular commodities market but need to sell that at a black market. Check your galaxy map and station services to find a station with a black market. You can access the black market through the contacts menu at a space station that has one. Good luck!

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