Published on April 22, 2015

How to use the FSD Wake Scanner in Elite Dangerous to follow another ship when it jumps to another system. I also explain the difference between high and low energy fsd wakes.

About this video: I’ll show you how to use the Frameshift Wake Scanner Module effectively in this short video guide. First you buy the wake scanner and assign it to a firegroup. When a ship enters supercruise in the same system it will leave a low energy FSD wake signal behind. If the ship jumps to another system it will leave a high energy FSD signal behind. Target the frameshift wake and activate your frameshift wake scanner. when the scan completes keep the frameshift wake targeted and align your ship with the compass and activate your frameshift drive (default key “J”). You will jump to the system that the ship fled to if it is within your ships jump range. You will arrive there in the same instance as the ship that fled. Now you can hunt it down again. Good luck!

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