Duelyst Gameplay19:28

Published on September 22, 2015

Duelyst Gameplay. Duelyst is a marriage of the tactical games found in titles like Hearthstone, Final Fantasy Tactics and Hero Academy with competitive play. Duelyst Training Grounds.

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Duelyst has a great tutorial in the Duelyst Training Grounds. You also earn gold from completing Duelyst challenges. You can participate in the Duelyst tournament at certain times of day to earn rewards. This video is a short Duelyst guide to the gameplay mechanics.

About Duelyst gameplay: DUELYST is a competitive strategy game focused on tactical combat, squad building, and ranked ladder play. Each battle is a 1v1 match between two online opponents.

Gameplay in DUELYST is turn-based, with players taking turns to play cards from their hand to cast powerful spells, equip mighty artifacts, or summon deadly minions to move and attack on the battlefield on their behalf.

Each match is fast-paced (less than 10 minutes) with a simple winning objective: reduce the enemy General’s health to zero before they can do so to you.

Choose from 6 Factions to play, each with their own unique minions and positioning capabilities.
Build your custom squad from over 300 battle units, spells, and artifacts. Available for Win PC, Mac OSX, and Linux for Winter 2015.

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