Domina – Spartacus: Blood & Sand as a Pixelated-Game – Ludus Simulator25:23

Published on March 26, 2017

As Domina you manage your own gladiator school. You must buy/train/fight gladiators and manage political relationships to maximize opportunity (and thus victories) in the arena.

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Each gladiator can be trained for specific weapons and styles of combat while the player maintains an eye on resource allocation, training, upgrades, political tides, and maintaining a balance between short term and long term goals. The plot combines rogue-like elements that can help or hinder the evolution of the player’s ludus from obscurity to glamour and fame.

– Each gladiator has unique abilities and native strengths that can be leveraged for maximum effectiveness in the arena.
– Multiple types of arena battles, both fair and unfair, are determined by various characters whose favour you must win in order to get favourable rewards.
– Hundreds of combinations of weapons and armaments to outfit your gladiators for varous types of battle and bloodshed.
– A wide array of characters can be hired to manage tasks for you (ie: training, medical attention, repairing armaments, entertaining, etc) so you can focus on other areas of ludus development.
– Immensely satisfying soundtrack by bignic

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