Dirty Bomb Gameplay – Free to play FPS07:35

Published on June 12, 2015

Dirty Bomb – Free To Play FPS Gameplay and First Impression of the Beta. I play a couple of maps on max graphics settings and max FOV. Dirty Bomb is free to play on Steam.

About this video: Dirty Bomb is a multiplayer free-to-play shooter from Splash Damage. After a mysterious attack, teams of mercenaries — some reputable and some not — clash in the contaminated streets of London to extract or destroy the secrets left behind. Snipe, attack, cover, or heal throughout the streets of London with a wide range of mercenaries, each big on personality and long on abilities. Master your Merc, serve your team. Standard multiplayer matches are driven by mission objectives, while you can also let your kill skill shine in Team Deathmatch. The most valuable thing in this truly free-to-play shooter is talent. Whether you’re in world-class competition or a quick firefight, it’s your skill that brings the kill.

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