Blue Revolver Gameplay05:19

Published on September 16, 2015

Blue Revolver Gameplay. Blue Revolver is a forthcoming manic shooter, inspired by the bullet hell classics of the genre’s golden age. Play as Mae, a technical genius on the run. Blue Revolver Alpha Build Gameplay.

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About Blue Revolver Gameplay:
Blue Revolver is all about your special weapon – and whether you opt for a defensive type to give yourself a little respite, an offense type to punch through troublesome enemies, or a finesse type to reach higher and higher maximum scores – you’ll have to make proper use of it to tear through each of the 5 stages and claim an elusive 1 credit clear. Or even better yet, a place atop the scoreboards

At the heart of Blue Revolver lies the “flourish” scoring system – simple to learn, hard to master – with countless applications. Destroy enemies in quick succession to build up an 8-chain, then let loose on some big juicy targets with your special weapon to cash in a huge score reward – then your chain resets, and you can do it all over again. Where will you strike fiercest? Where will you build and cash in your chains? How will you spend that precious ammo? To push yourself even further, “BREAK” bonuses are awarded by destroying specific enemies in difficult ways…

On release, we will offer online scoreboards for quick comparisons with your friends – as well as replay file functionality to study/verify everyone else’s play. On top of this, our daily challenge mode will bring a new type of struggle every day! Take on the hardest stages with a unique weapon, or see how much you can squeeze out of the easier stages with a severe shortage in ammunition.

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