Where to buy digital download games and find free games

Published on July 9, 2015

There are a lot of online services offering digital download of games. Here I’ll give you a short summary of where I usually pick up my games.

The biggest and most known service is of course Steam and most people like to have their digital games collection here.

But there are many other places to buy games and many times you’ll receive a steam key for the game to activate it on Steam.

If you’re looking to buy steam keys a good place to check is G2A.com, Amazon and Greenmangaming. I’ve bought 5 games of G2A and activated them without problems and there’s usually a lot to save compared to Steam prices. Make sure that you pick the G2A shield option for 1 added USD. That way G2A guarantees that you’ll get a working key otherwise you’re left to your own devices if the sellers key doesn’t work for some reason.

Greenmangaming and Amazon will often run sales to supplement your dose of Steam sales.

GOG.com has a host of older games that is fixed to run on new computers, so you can indulge your nostalgia here, but you can also buy some new games here – usually indie games.

Origin is EA’s service and some games are exclusively available here such as Dragon Age Inquisition etc. Sometimes you can get free games on Origin as a promotional strategy.

Free indie games and cheaper games

  • itch.io
  • gamejolt.com
  • indiegamestand.com

Here you’ll find a variety of pay what you want and free games. Sometimes you’ll also see games with a fixed price. These places you can hunt for the undiscovered gems of gaming 😉

Bypass regional pricing and release dates with a VPN connection
If you’re feeling techy you can also bypass the regional pricing with a VPN. You can also bypass release dates if they differ for different regions. I used a US VPN to play Dragon Age Inquisition a day earlier than it was released in Europe.

Hope this help and let me know if I missed any good places or strategies for buying digital download games.


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